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Frequently Asked Questions

What does one sit include?

For Cats: It includes feeding, refilling water, cleanings litter and playtime/cuddle time, and a little cleaning up around the cat's area.


For Dogs: It includes the walk, freshwater, and feeding if required. Playtime, cuddle time if required after the walk. Special requests can be included upon request. (Discussed during the meet and greet.)


Do you do overnight?


Yes, we do!


For Cats: It’s just a lot of playtime, cuddled time, feeding and freshwater as well as keeping the litter clean. Give a good company for your cutie while you can't be there.  (Additions can be requested)

For Dogs: It includes an evening walk when the service starts and a morning walk when the service ends. Of course, playtime and cuddle time, feeding and freshwater. In the case of puppies cleaning up the “accidents” and pad change. Sleepovers usually last for 10 hours but upon request and additional fee, they can be extended.

How can I pay and when?

You can pay by cash or card at the meet and greet. You can also pay by bank transfer. Payment has to be done at least 24 hrs before the first service starts. In case of missing payment services will be canceled.

Do you have any other services?

Currently, we don’t have other services only pet sitting. When there will be an opportunity to expand what we offer. We will keep you updated!

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are fully licensed by Dubai Economic Department (DED) as well as Dubai Municipality (DM).


How many years of experience do you have?


The company might be pretty new but our leaders and sitters have experience of over 15 years with animals, they professional in their job.


How can I make sure the sitter has done her job?


Once you become our client you will get access to our client portal as well as a mobile app where you can follow up about the service. Our staff is GPS located they log in when they reached your location and log out once they leave. They also send you an update every time they visit with a few pictures or little videos. You can always track them during the service. You can also reply to their updates and give feedback, add information or ask a question.

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